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IMX/IMR points reporting using a TouchPad results file
IMX/IMR points reporting using a TouchPad results file
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Because IMX points system is a Hy-Tek offering you will need a copy of Team Manager 4.0 or above. Follow these directions If you would like to generate a IMX/IMR point report for a TouchPad Meet.

  1. In TouchPad, click File > Export SD3 Results.

  2. Select the 02 Meet Results file.

  3. Open Team Manager.

  4. Import the Meet results file from TP (check the Add New Teams and Athletes if you are missing any of your visiting teams info in your database).

  5. Click Reports > Performance Reports > Points System.

  6. Select Hy-Tek Single Year then IMX or IMR.

  7. Select the Meet you would like to report on.

  8. Select the specific team or blank for all teams.

  9. Click Generate Report. This will give you the correct breakdown of points.

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