How to Manage Meet Results
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  1. In the side menu, click Events & Competition > Meet Results.

  2. Click Results By Meets tab.

  3. Click the name of the desired meet.

  4. From the LSC-Team dropdown menu, select the team.

  5. At the top, click Individual Events or Relay Events tab.

  6. In the Swimmer Name field, enter the swimmer's last name and click Search.

  7. In the Admin Only column, click Edit/Add/Delete.

    • If deleting, click Ok to confirm.

  8. Once changes are complete, click Submit.

If the time to change does not have the option to edit, add or delete the swimmer ID in the result does not match the ID in the swimmer's profile, or the team code does not match your team code.

To view the steps to merge the swimmer ID, click here. If the team code needs to be fixed, contact support with the meet name and date, swimmer's name, event, and incorrect and correct time.

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