If your organization accepts check payments, you can choose "Accept Enrollment" or "Waitlist" registrants by navigating Classes > Class Admin > Settings > General Settings.

To enable/disable offline payments (i.e., checks and/or cash) navigate to Classes > Class Admin > Settings > General Settings.

The following process applies if the member checks out of the shopping cart with one of the offline payment options.

  1. From the left navigation menu, click Classes > Class Admin.

  2. Find the class. You may need to search or use the customize filters button.

  3. To the right of the class title, click the gear icon.

  4. Click the Registrations tab.

  5. An icon will appear in the Actions column next to the member name to indicate payment is still pending.

  6. Click the icon shown below.

  7. On the Billing Summary screen, the Pending Charge is shown.

  8. Click the +Payment button.

  9. Choose the Payment Method from the dropdown menu.

  10. Add the remaining required information for the offline payment.

  11. Close the window after the payment is made. The pending payment icon will no longer be present for that member.

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