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How to Create Sets, Workouts, and Practices
How to Create Sets, Workouts, and Practices
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Below, we'll walk through coaching tools to create sets, workouts, and practices. If you'd like to jump to a specific section, click one of the links below:

Create a Set

  1. In the side menu, click Practice Management > Workouts.

  2. Click the Sets tab.

  3. Click Add Set.

  4. Enter the "Set Name."

  5. Click New Swim.

  6. Enter the "Swim" as desired, including details such as how many times the set repeats, the number of laps, the distance, the time the athlete has, the swim description, expected energy level, set type, stroke type, and race pace.

  7. Click the checkmark icon to save.

  8. Click New Swim, Swim Rests, and Swim Notes to build the set as desired.

  9. Use the Workout Visualizer to review the Stroke Mix, Set Types, Egy Levels, and Heat Map.

  10. If desired, at the top of the screen, click Add to Favorite or Test Set.

    • Please note that a test set cannot contain swim rests, and they will be removed.

  11. Click Save.

Create a Workout

  1. From within Practice Management, click the Workouts tab.

  2. Click Add Workout.

  3. Fill out the "Workout Title," "Workout Alias," "Workout Type," and "Course."

  4. To add a set to the workout, click, hold, and drag the set from the Set Library to the Sets section. Note that "Test Sets" are highlighted in red, and "Favorites" contain a star in the top right corner.

  5. If creating a break between sets, click Multi Rest or Swim Rest.

    • If Multi Rest is clicked, enter the rest time between sets and click Save.

    • If Swim Rest is clicked, enter the rest time and click the checkmark icon to save.

  6. Click Save.

Create a Practice

NOTE: If the practice is already created, search for the practice and click the Edit button. Jump below to step 5 to add the workouts.

  1. In the side menu, click either Practice Management or Events & Competition > Practices.

  2. From Practice Management, click Create Practice. If in Events & Competition, click New Calendar Item > Practices.

  3. Fill out the practice information.

    • The alias is the name displayed on the calendar.

    • Only one roster can be selected per practice. Create a practice for each roster if needed.

    • If the practice repeats, check the box and fill out the repetition information.

  4. To assign the practice to specific coach(es), click Select Coaches.

    • Check the box(es) by the coach(es) name(s) and click Done.

  5. To add a workout to the practice, click, hold, and drag from the Workouts Library to the Workouts section.

  6. Click Save.

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