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Admin Level - Superuser at National YMCA only

The National YMCA can set a date and amount to charge coaches if they register late for a season. When a coach registers late, the late fee is created as an invoice for the team the coach belongs to. They can then charge the team’s credit card for the late fee invoice.

Set Up Late Fee

  1. In the side menu, click YMCA Admin > Fee Setup.

  2. In the Coach Registration Late Fee field, enter the late fee amount.

  3. In the CoA dropdown, select the chart of account.

  4. Under the Assess Fee section, select the Beginning and Ending dates for when the late fee is applied.

  5. Click Save.

Late Fee Notice and Invoice

When a coach registers on the YMCA Admin > Coaches tab within the date range set, they will see a notice that a late fee will be charged to their team, and a late fee email will be sent to their team with a link to the invoice.

Charge Late Fee to Credit Card

  1. In the side menu, click YMCA Admin > Invoices.

  2. Check the box by the invoices to charge.

  3. Click Edit > Charge CC.

  4. The team's credit card will be charged the amount of the invoice.

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