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YMCA: Team Registration
YMCA: Team Registration
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If you have bookmarked the YMCA portal or home webpage address for your site, please log in to the system. If not, search for your team’s portal from the National YMCA Swimming and Diving Website and sign in.

Team Access

  1. In the side menu, click YMCA Admin > My Team.

    • The team details will load into view on the My Team tab.

    • NOTE: The Regional Rep’s name and number are in blue at the top in case any questions come up.

  2. Ensure that the information for the team is as complete and accurate as possible prior to submitting the team registration.

    • This includes Team Profile, General Info and Staffing, Program Info, and Facility Info.

  3. Once the team information is completed and verified, click Save.

    • The information is uploaded to the YMCA Database.

Submit Registration

To submit the Team registration, scroll to the top of the page and click the Submit Team Registration button.

A form to pay for the team registration via credit card is displayed:

  1. If no CC is on file, simply fill in credit card and billing details (click Copy From Account Info to save time), then click Next.

  2. If a CC is on file, simply fill in the CVV of the card.

  3. To use a different CC than the one on file, click Add/Select Card > Add New Card > fill in credit card and billing details or click Copy From Account Info to save time > Next.

  4. Click Submit & Pay, then OK to confirm.

Additional details are sent via email, and you will see the status of the registration on this page. Return to this page at any time in the future to review the status of the submission.

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