Admin Level - Super User

Once you have set this field please DO NOT change it. If you do, the account user defined field for ALL accounts will update to this new name.

  1. Go to Business Tools > Org Profile & Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the Display Member Ages Section.
  3. Enter the custom name in the “Account/Member Custom Field Label” field, such as Club Account Number.
  4. Click Save.

Registration Setup
Within the Settings of Class Admin you can now set that field to Show but Optional, Show and Required or Hide. This will then be enforced during the account registration.

Account/Member Admin
When Accounts sign in to their account information using “My Account” button they can update this user defined field but this field is not enforced within Account/Member Admin.

To print from Account/Member Admin

  1. Go to System Admin > Account/Member Admin.
  2. Choose either Accounts tab or Members tab.
  3. Select one or all.
  4. Click Excel button.
  5. Custom field values are listed in their own column.