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How to Create Free Billing Groups
How to Create Free Billing Groups
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A Billing Group designated as free will not have recurring charges for its members if the billing system is active. This includes everything in the Membership Dues Schedule, Standard Dues Schedule, Additional Per Account Charges, and Additional Per Member Charges. Recurring charges defined at the account level are still applicable.

Free Billing Groups are tied to the billing system, which seasonal teams do not use. The seasonal teams' billing activity happens in the online registration system.

  1. In the side menu, click Business Tools > Org or Team Profile & Settings.

  2. Click the Group Setup tab.

  3. Click New Billing Groups.

  4. Define the "Billing Group" by giving it a descriptive name.

  5. Set the Free Membership for this Group? to Yes.

  6. Click Save.

To edit a previously created group, navigate to the Group Setup page and click the name of the group to view the Free Membership for this Group? section.

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