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How to Book an Appointment
How to Book an Appointment
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NOTE: Any classes or bookings previously added to the shopping cart will be included in the checkout.

  1. In the side menu, click Bookings > Bookings Registration.

  2. Locate the desired booking and click Schedule Now.

  3. Browse through the calendar and check the box(es) of the slot(s) to book.

  4. If you are booking other appointments, click Add to Cart.

    • When ready to check out, at the top right-hand side of the screen, click My Shopping Cart.

  5. Click Checkout & Book Now.

  6. Select the payment plan and assign member(s) to each booking.

  7. When finished, click Next.

  8. If any agreements are required, on the Sign Agreements page, click View Agreement. Then, select "I have read and agree." for each item.

    • You may also print the agreement by clicking View Agreement > Print.

  9. When finished, click Next.

  10. Confirm the Booking details, and click Next.

  11. Select the payment method or click Add Credit Card.

  12. If adding a new credit card, fill out the information and click Add Card.

  13. Review the billing information and make any desired changes.

  14. Click Pay Now.

  15. To print the order confirmation, click Print Order.

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