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How to See Workers Who Have/Have Not Signed Up for a Job
How to Add an Event
How to Edit an Event
How to Edit Calendar Settings
How to Create Calendar Notes
How to Print the Practice Schedule
How to Subscribe to the Practice Schedule
How to Filter the Practice Schedule
How to View the General Calendar
How to Sort the General Calendar by Practices/Team Events
How to Sort the General Calendar by Rosters/Locations
Events: How to Update the EV3 File
How to View How Many Meets an Athlete Attended
How to Perform Course Conversion/Factoring of Times
How to Load Ev3 Events File into the Meet
How to Enable Event Signups by Day/Session
How to Correct a Swim Meet Fee in the Event File
How to Use QuickEntries to Enter Athletes into Events
How to Add an EV3 file to a Swim Event After the Athletes Have Declared
What Happens When I Re-Import EV3 Events Files?
How to Un-Commit an Athlete for an Event
What to Do if the EV3 File is Missing from the Event Zip Folder
Are Diving Events Supported?
Why is My Swimmer Not Showing for an Event?
How to Use QuickEntries to Enter Athletes to Events
How are Relay Teams Approved?
How to Create an Entries Report Using a Two-Column Format
How to View the High Points Report
How to Print the General Schedule
Job Signups Overview
How to Hide Workout Details from Parents & Swimmers
How to Set Up an Event Connected to Online Registration - Multiple Registrations On
How to Create Sets, Workouts, and Practices
How to Use Points Instead of Hours for Job Signups
How to Add/Create a New Event/Meet
Understanding the Multi-Cut Course Order in the Event Entry File
How to Generate a Meet Entry File

How to View Relay Results
How to Automatically Add/Build NT Relays
How to Generate a Meet Fee Breakdown PDF
Meet Entries: Not USA Registered athletes, Entry Report
Best Times Discrepancies Between Meet Entries and Reports
How to Use Converted Times for Relay Entries
How to Generate a Proof of Times Report
How to Update All Events with New Meet Results / Times for Committed Athletes
How to Delete Individual Results from Meet Results
How to Find the Improvement Percentage with the Improvement Report
Why Doesn't 'Update Times' Use Recent Results?
How to View Athlete Times by Name or Filter Criteria
How to Generate a Top Times Report By Athlete Against a Standard
Meet Results: Time Reports Feature Comparison
How to Show All Results for the Top Times by Athlete Report
How to Restrict Swim Meets to Certain Billing or Roster Groups
How to See an Athlete's Best Time Compared to their Seasonal or Best
How to Show All Athlete's Top Times by Event
How to Generate Split Sheet Reports
What is the Blue "L" After My Swimmer's Name?
How to Copy/Clone an Event Registration
How to Auto-Update Broken Meet Result Records
Meet Results: Top Times Reports
How to View the Meets my Athlete has Entered
Meet Results: Set up FTP/SwimOffice to work with Meet Manager Live Results
How to Generate a Meet Eligibility Report
How to Manage Meet Results
How to Check if an Athlete is Eligible for an Event
How to Upload High School Meet Results
Team Manager Export Instructions
How to Export a Roster/Members to Import into Team Manager
How to Reject Meet Entries
Can We Use Two Team Club Codes for Combo Teams in Meet Entries?
How to Add/Edit Time Standards for an LSC
How to Edit Meet Results Info, Name
How to Generate a Meet Entries Report
How to Commit Swimmers to Individual Events
How to Generate, Invoice and Charge Meet Fees Batches/Reports from Entries
Why Doesn't the Meet Attendance Report Show All Meets?
How to Update Times for Committed Athletes
How to Import Meet Results
How to Manually Add Meet Results/Swimmer's Times
How to Turn on Online Meet Entry as an LSC
How to Add A Swimmer's Meet Time Manually
How to Generate Meet Fees from Results
How to View and Use Swim-Up Athletes
How to Add Time Standards
How to View/Generate an Athlete's Best Times
How to Generate Meet Times Using the Top Times Report
Can I Create New Time Standards?
How to View Commitment Log of Changes Made in Meet Entries
How to Enter Bonus/Exhibition Events for a Swim Meet
How to Restrict Entry Times to Specific Meet Types
Meet Entries: How to Automatically Set an UNattached Date
How to Enforce Qualifying Times for Swim Meet Entries
How to Run a Dual Team Intersquad Meet
How to Create a Record of Top Times from Team Records
How to Designate Exhibition Swimmers/Events
Meet Entries: Create a Relay using Auto Find, Add NT Relay, or Manual Add
How to Pull an Improvement Percentage Report for a Single Meet
Can I Import Meet Results Files Using Only My Team Code?
How to Add an Athlete's Best Meet Time Manually
How to Import Updated Meet Entry Times
How to Set Up Team Records
Why Does My Entry File Show an Exception Report/SDIF Integrity Check on Meet Manager™?

Accept a TouchPad invitation as a visiting team
How to Export TouchPad Meet Results for Non-TeamUnify Teams
TouchPad: Exporting a Meet Entries File
TouchPad Meet Is Not Showing Athlete Times on SwimOffice
IMX/IMR points reporting using a TouchPad results file
TouchPad: Why don't my athletes qualify for open events
Bonus events in TouchPad
TouchPad: Add/Create a Meet - Meet Setup
Sending my host an entries file for a TouchPad meet
TouchPad: Add/edit events
TouchPad: Set meet sessions - add days and sessions
TouchPad: Event Time Standards - restrict entries for events
TouchPad: Create multi-age events
TouchPad: Enable or disable the ability to sync entries to the host
TouchPad: Connect Your Timing Console
How to Delete TouchPad Meet from SwimOffice Events Tab
TouchPad: Rejecting a team from a meet
TouchPad: Adjusting the seeding pattern for heat/lane assignments
TouchPad: Enable or disable sync function by team for event entries
If my TouchPad meet will not sync, how do I get the host my file?
How to Set Starting and Ending TouchPad Sync Dates/Times
Opening sync to allow teams to update entries and sync to TouchPad
TouchPad: Import Meet Entries Into TouchPad (non-syncing teams)
TouchPad: Creating Meet Packages - Heat Sheet/Psych Sheet/Meet Durations reports
TouchPad: Seed events
TouchPad: Meet Timeline / Duration reports
Track Accepted TouchPad Invitations and Submitted Entries
TouchPad: Meet Time Estimate
TouchPad: Multiple Division Scoring - allowing multiple teams to score against each other
TouchPad: Restricted Scoring - limit number of scorers in unevenly matched teams
TouchPad: Mixed event with scoring by gender
TouchPad: Meet Results Reports
TouchPad: Score by different age groups
TouchPad: Accept visiting team's entries / Entries won't sync but are visible in SwimOffice
TouchPad: Event type preferences
TouchPad: Scratch an athlete's events for a session
TouchPad: Manually adding results for a meet
Why did a meet show up on our site that says TouchPad?
TouchPad: Athlete Entries
Why are my athletes' Names/Gender coming wrong to TouchPad?
How to Import TouchPad Meet Results into Team Manager
TouchPad: Add an athlete during the meet
TouchPad: Set Up a Network
TouchPad: Alternate Heats/Events
TouchPad Live: Watch specific athletes or teams
TouchPad Live: Where is my meet?
View TouchPad Live Results in SwimOffice
Hide a meet from TouchPad Live but show others
TouchPad: Export Lenex Meet Results (UK)
TouchPad: Report Banners
TouchPad: Create/Add Report Banners - image sizes and formats
TouchPad: Global Settings for international teams
TouchPad: Restore a Team
TouchPad: Best Practice for Meet Creation on multiple computers
TouchPad: Add/edit Event Records
TouchPad: Event Records Broken report
TouchPad: Import/export records
TouchPad: Scratches report
LSC exception report requires USA ID change in TouchPad
Touchpad: Delete a meet off of SwimOffice after you have accepted the invitation
Installing TouchPad
TouchPad: Delete Team
TouchPad: SD3 Results File - TeamManager reports duplicate team count (visual only)
How to Give Administrative Rights to Run TouchPad
Disable TouchPad as a Start-Up Program
Import a roster into TouchPad for OnDeck/manual entries
TouchPad: Entry Manager - Import SD3 Entries, Rosters, Meet Results
TouchPad: Adjust font size in Entry Manager
TouchPad: Sync entries for meet using TUSync
TouchPad: Set up meet for Not USA Registered athletes
TouchPad: Generate report of Registered and Not USA Registered athletes
TouchPad: Export results for USA Registered and Not USA Registered athletes
TouchPad: Sync meet results for USA Registered athletes
Syncing TouchPad/SwimOffice/OnDeck information flow
TouchPad: Manually set or clear athlete as Not USA Registered
TouchPad: Run "Timed Final/Last Heat in Finals" with finals in different session
TouchPad: USA-S Sanctioned Event, Approved Competition and Observed Swim
TouchPad: Show finish place by heat
TouchPad: Enter DQs and DFSs
TouchPad: Delete or clear all times for an event
TouchPad: Filter by open events, age, name in Scratch Pad
TouchPad: Scratch athlete(s) during meet
TouchPad: Quality points / quality team scoring
TouchPad: Score / Scoring
View TouchPad Live results on any device
Activate TouchPad Live Results on SwimOffice
TouchPad: Merging event times during meet
TouchPad: Enter Results Screen
TouchPad: Use FINA/USA Swimming or NCAA/Other rules for time adjustments
TouchPad: Adjust/Select Electronic, Backup and Watch Times (F12)
TouchPad: Average Watch Times
TouchPad: Timer Settings - select timers
TouchPad: Award Labels
TouchPad: Add deck entry fees to events
TouchPad: Relay Entries
TouchPad: OVC Athletes
TouchPad: Deck Entry report